CRAZY AARONS - Amethyst Blush
CRAZY AARONS - Amethyst Blush
CRAZY AARONS - Amethyst Blush
Crazy Aarons

CRAZY AARONS - Amethyst Blush

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Amethyst is a semi-precious purple quartz that has been popular since primitive times. It is a secret beauty only found inside geodes and has a long association with mystic powers.

The natural color of amethyst ranges from a light violet pink to a deep reddish purple. Experience every hue with Amethyst Blush Thinking Putty®. It starts out as a lovely dark lavender and becomes pretty in pink with just the heat of your hands.

Product Description

Includes:90 grams of Thinking Putty.

Color: Violet Purple

Features: Heat Sensitive, Poppable, Tearable, Firm Texture

Materials: Non-toxic silicone

Ages: 3+

Contains Small Parts.

Never dries out!

Made in the USA.

Manufactured with the help of exceptional individuals challenged with disabilities.

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